Englishtown Reenergizes Stoffer - 6/15/2009

Karen Stoffer and the GEICO Powersports team enjoyed a pivotal and successful weekend at the NHRA Supernationals from Englishtown, NJ, June 12-14.

Eager to put a pair of tough first-round losses in St. Louis and Chicago behind her, Stoffer qualified sixth with a 7.02 and scored an opening-round victory over Shawn Gann with a 6.98 to Gann's 7.04.

"This is what we need to do to get back on track. We have set the standards high on this team and we don't ever want to go out in the first round," Stoffer said. "Shawn is a tough racer and he's beat us once already this year. Anytime you can get by him you know you have done your job."

After a few red lights earlier in the season Stoffer was pleased to amass five green lights in Englishtown.

"I think we figured something out on the starting line," Stoffer said. "It gives me a lot of hope moving forward. This race really helped me get my mind in the right place and forget about the heartbreaking loss in Chicago. It motivated the team as well. It showed everyone we can bounce back."

In round No. 2 Stoffer was defeated by eventual event winner and No. 3 qualifier Craig Treble, who ran 6.97 to Stoffer's 7.05.

Following the Englishtown event Stoffer is ranked tenth in the Full Throttle Points Series with 265 points.

"It's not exactly where we want to be right now, but we will have plenty of opportunities to move up in the pack," Stoffer said. "The team is giving me a great bike and I think we have a great chance to win some rounds this summer."

Team owner Doug Johnson echoed Stoffer's sentiments.

"We are solidly in the top ten and we will continue learning and building for the end of the season," Johnson said. "Hopefully we'll be in the Countdown and let it all shine there."

Stoffer went on to extend special thanks to all of her sponsors and supporters.

Geico Powersports 1-800-442-9253, Speed Dawg, Bates Leathers, Suzuki Extended Protection, Kymco, NGK, Airtech, Wrath Motorsports and TKO Graphics.