Stoffer Pleased With Performance, Lucas Looks To Test - 9/26/2010
Rob Geiger - Geiger Media

DALLAS (Sept. 26) – After making six solid passes on the GEICO Powersports Suzuki during the weekend at the O'Reilly Super Start Batteries Fall Nationals and advancing to the second round, Karen Stoffer gave her team's overall effort an above average grade.

"I thought we'd be able to make a run for the money," Stoffer said. "The riding was good, the tune-ups were good, it's just that change in the weather that threw us for a curve.

"I think the GEICO Powersports Suzuki has turned the corner. Overall it was pretty good. I'm going to give the weekend a 'B.'"

Stoffer started race day with a solid win over Jim Underdahl. Even though Stoffer was a tic slower off the line, she cruised to a 7.039 second pass at 182.95 mph. Underdahl crossed line finish line with a 7.188 at 193.49 mph.

In the second round, Stoffer drew LE Tonglet, one of the hottest riders in the Full Throttle Series. Stoffer left first that race, but a strong crosswind slowly pushed her toward the center line during the pass. Tonglet finished with a 6.920 second pass at 187.73, while Stoffer wrestled the GECIO Powersports Suzuki to a 7.247 at 152.71 mph.

"They told me after the race that they threw something wild at their bike and it stuck," Stoffer said. "That's a great bike and a great team. Unfortunately at the top end we got pushed over a bit by the wind. But that was still a good run for us."

Stoffer moved up to eighth in the season standings with her efforts.

Morgan Lucas said he was going to keep the GEICO Powersports/Lucas Oil dragster in Dallas an extra day to test after his car failed to hook up after the launch in a first round loss to Cory McClenathan.

"After losing in the first round another weekend, we decided the best thing us is to extinguish our last testing day here," Lucas said. "We want to recover some dignity for the back-half of the season, and do whatever we can to solidify our place in the points.

"GEICO Powersports, Lucas Oil, and Toyota are winners. It's time we joined their way of doing things."

McClenathan ran a 3.817 second pass at 317.94 in his win. Lucas smoked the tires and shut down early to coast across the line with a 8.490 second run at 79.07 mph. Lucas is now ninth in the season standings.

Next for both GEICO Powersports teams on the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series is the Oct. 8-10 Toyo Tires NHRA Nationals from Maple Grove Raceway in Reading, Pa.

Stoffer went on to extend special thanks to all of the 2010 sponsors and supporters.
Geico Powersports 1-800-442-9253, Speed Dawg, Bates Leathers, Suzuki Extended Protection, KYMCOUSA, NGK, Airtech, Red Line Oil, American Racing Products, Mechanix Wear Gloves, and TKO Graphics.